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Original Art–Our Gift to You!

Now until June 30th, let us design and furnish your space and we’ll commission an original painting for your space.  The painting is our gift to you!  You provide the inspiration for the piece and we’ll specifiy the color pallette, style and dimensions.  Original art is a powerful way to make the space unique and personal.

Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything. Do you have a photograph of a special place, a vacation destination, fishing or hunting camp, place of business, a favorite pet or an heirloom item such as a hutch, trophy or plaque?  Maybe, its your grandmother’s china?  The possibilites are endless!

Let us infuse the warm and loving memories you’ve associated with this treasure or space into your new decor with free, original art that will make you the envy of your friends and neighors!





Stephanie Torregrossa with Torregrossa Fine Art is a local, emerging talent with a spectacularly promising career.  An accomplished and multi-talented artist, Stephanie’s portfolio includes a wide variety of commissioned work for clients.  With your inspiration, our direction and Stephanie’s talent, you will add a new dimension to the “Big Reveal” of your new space by adding a special touch that is not available anywhere else.


  1. Retail value of the promotion is not to exceed 10% of the total project cost (not including sales tax.)
  2. Minimum purchase is $7,500.00
  3. Due to their complexity, people portraits are excluded but pet portraits are allowed.
  4. To ensure the painting works with our design, DDI has sole descretion over the painting’s size, style and color pallette.
  5. Custom framing is not included.

Call to schedule a complimentary consulation or for more details.

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   Northshore 985-237-1101

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