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Everyday is like Christmas Morning

Artistry Home/DDI–When asked about our job, we tell people “it’s like opening packages on Christmas morning” because there is nothing more rewarding—more joyful—than watching clients experience their new decor for the first time. It is not uncommon to witness tears of joy and for there to be a hugfest or two.

For there to be a Christmas morning, however, there must be a holiday season, which is the build-up and hard work that proceeds the exciting moment of revelation for what’s under the tree. Starting a new project with Artistry Home/DDI is very similar.

From the first consultation to the Big Reveal the excitement and anticipation build until clients can hardly stand it! We think that is why Big Reveals are so emotional.

The other reason Big Reveals are emotional is that a Big Reveal is personal. We aren’t delivering truck parts to a retail location; we are providing home furnishings to a client’s most protected and valuable space—his or her home.

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A home is a retreat and a safe harbor in what can be a turbulent world. It is where we raise our children, entertain our family and friends, and replenish our energy and spirit. It is not a place for strangers. The people we invite into our homes are people we like, trust, and enjoy. This is why the “customer experience” is so significant to us–a client’s home is our workspace.

The little things that build trust and rapport are essential. Friendly, honest, and reliable service are the cornerstone for ensuring that a Big Reveal is magical.

We believe—and endeavor—to make our clients’ customer experience exceed their expectations by treating their project as if it were for our home and treating them as we would like to be treated.

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