Better Choices

Sandestin FL Interior Designer

We Work Smarter Not Harder

Artistry Home/DDI — clients want better design choices, not more. Said another way, they prefer to choose between three things they love (but for different reasons) than ten similar items.

More is easy (just hop on the internet); better requires time, experience, and resources most furniture stores and disadvantaged design firms lack.

Giving clients better choices requires us to work smarter not harder. Efficiency* is the key to providing clients with better design choices. An interior design may include hundreds of design elements. Multiply the number of design elements times the number of available products and you get a number that is as large as an internet search result for “home furnishings”–a number that is too big to be useful.  When faced with this number lesser firms sell what’s on the floor or what they’ve sold in the past, resulting in a “paint-by-numbers” design.  We want all of our designs to reflect client individuality.

Sandestin FL Interior Decorator

Quickly and accurately identifying the unique product choices that meet client criteria requires:

  1. an experienced designer with substantial product knowledge.
  2. direct access to manufacturers and suppliers.
  3. state-of-the-art technology.
  4. proven business processes.

At Artistry Home/DDI we utilize all of these for our client projects and our project portfolio proves it.

*Efficiency is one reason (there are several) we don’t charge an hourly rate or design fee when clients purchase product from us. Hourly fees encourage inefficiency.

Better Prices