Prompt & Reliable

Inlet Beach Interior Designer

NOT beach time

Artistry Home/DDI–“Beach Time” is great for vacation. The slower pace and laid back attitude make vacationing and living on the Emerald Coast attractive, but it’s frustrating when updating or furnishing a space. People not returning phone calls or arriving when scheduled is no way to treat clients, yet it is how many companies do business here.  Not us.

At Artistry Home/DDI prompt and reliable service is the bedrock of everything we do. It requires professionalism, discipline, operational expertise, and the resources/people needed to complete projects on time.

The clock starts the moment you schedule a consultation and does not end until the Big Reveal is complete. For example, with few exceptions, we conduct a design presentation within a week of the first consultation and have orders completed within three days of receiving a deposit. Why? Because meeting a budget without meeting a deadline does not make a satisfying customer experience. We must do both–stay on budget and complete your project on schedule–to provide the best possible customer experience.

A Better Customer Experience