Better Pricing

Inlet Beach FL Interior Designer

Apples to Apples

Artistry Home/DDI–We give clients the “biggest bang for their buck” with no surprises.

We do this by:

  • Not charging an hourly fee for design (provided clients purchase product from us.)
  • Buying directly from manufacturers at/below wholesale.
  • Selling at competitive prices (below suggested retail.)
  • Completing projects at/below budget with no hidden fees or additional charges.
  • Providing turnkey services that include delivery and installation.
  • Maximizing value by appropriating more of the clients budget on items that have the greatest impact and economizing in areas where it makes sense.
  • Presenting well-made, durable items of quality at multiple price points.

Better pricing, when combined with superior customer service, creates high value, which is what we want to be to our clients—valuable.

Prompt & Reliable Service